Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ways To Lower Blood Pressure.

I chose to start a blog about ways to lower blood pressure because back in April 2007, my uncontrolled high blood pressure gave me the scare of my life, and this blog gives me a unique opportunity to help other people with high blood pressure discover, like I did, complementary ways to lower their blood pressure, and keep their heart healthy

A couple of months before my big scare, I had noticed that I was having a nagging chest pain. I felt it mostly at nights when lie down in bed, after walking a couple of blocks, or when doing exercise. At first, I dismissed it because I thought there was no way I could be having heart problems.

Yes, I had high blood pressure, but I took my medication every day, and I have a very healthy lifestyle. I eat as much natural, unprocessed, organic food as I possible can, I meditate, and exercise regularly. Furthermore, I'm still young, and heart disease does not exist in my family's history so, I just could not see myself having problems with my heart.

Sometimes, I'd be walking, and I would feel such a sharp pain in the middle of chest that all I wanted to do was stop, and take a deep breath, but I'd continue walking just to prove to myself that nothing was wrong. I'd be so glad when I got to a stop light just so I could I could rest, and allow the pain to subside. However, in addition to a persistent nagging twinge I was feeling right below my left breast, my ankles started swelling, and the tip of my fingers were getting numb.

Oh boy, in spite of my state of denial, somewhere inside of me, I knew that something was not right, and that is was time to face the music. I called to make an appointment to see my doctor, and was lucky to get one for the following day.

On the day of my visit, my doctor did the routine assessment with her stethoscope, and when she was finished, she sent me immediately to have a sonogram of my heart right there in her office. When she got the result from the technician, she told me bluntly that she believed I was having congestive heart failure, that my heart was beating very slowly, that it was retaining fluid, and that she needed to make sure that there was none accumulated in lungs as well. So, a chest MRI, and a consultation with a cardiologist were scheduled for the following day.

Wow! I didn't know exactly what congestive heart failure was, but it sounded ominous. As soon as I got home, I went online to research it. I was not encouraged by what I found so, I did what I know to do best; put the situation in God's hands, and hope for the best outcome.

To make this story short, after a battery of tests, it was determined that nothing was wrong with my heart, and that the culprit was the blood pressure medication combination I was taking which slowed down my heart beat, and was also responsible for the fluid retention. My doctor immediately changed them, and put me on another combination. The swelling in my ankles went away, but the new medication kept me very lethargic. I was sleepy all day long, and as the days passed, I was becoming more and more depressed ( something that was new for me as I'm a very cheerful and optimistic person). Once again, my doctor had to change the medication.

Well, after that ordeal, I decided that I was going to learn everything I could about all the ways to lower high blood pressure without drugs. I read a lot of books, visited many websites, but most of them were recommending things I was already doing. Then, I came across The Silent Killer Exposed. I was immediately encouraged by the testimonials on the website, and decided to give it a try.

Everything in The Silent Killer Exposed made a lot so sense to me. I immediately started applying all the blood pressure lowering recommendations outlined in the book. Today, just 3 months later, my blood pressure remains at a healthy 120/80 or lower. I no longer use water pills, and my doctor took me off one of the blood pressure pills, and left me on only one of them just as a precaution.

If you're unable to maintain your blood pressure at 120/80, or lower with your medication, or if you have borderline hypertension that can be controlled without medication; then like me, you may just find a life saver in The Silent Killer Exposed.

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